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29 de mayo de 2010

Sonic Hispeed Omega/Sonic Hybrid Orchestra - The Best Of Touhou Tempest

Artista: Sonic Hispeed Omega/Sonic Hybrid Orchestra

Genero: Power Metal

Calidad: MP3, 192 Kbps


CD 1:

01 The Daughter of Eurus
02 Good Old Blood in the Old World
03 Soul Concerto
04 Adventure of the Loving Filly
05 Master of Time with the Luna Dial
06 Lunatic Princess ~ Legend of the Moon
07 Judgement of Dolls ~ Lone Shape
08 Is She U.N.Owen?
09 Broken Dream
10 Septette for the Dead Princess
11 Locked Girl ~ Burst of the Flastration
12 Watching Crow
13 The Fairytale of the Land So Far Away
14 Extend Ash ~ Burning in the Hell Blaze
15 Border of Life ~ The Black Cherry Blossom
16 Endroll

CD 2:

01 Necro-Fantasia ~ Gone Away to the Fairyland
02 Eyes of Insanity ~ Invisible FullMoon
03 Monsters Express 666
04 Ancient Temple in the Other Side
05 View of Acheron Riverside
06 Cry of the Immortal ~ Reach to the Moon
07 Plain Asia ~ Guardian of the Village
08 Shoot through the Galaxy, Final Master Spark!!!
09 Shanghai Alice 1884 ~ Knock of the Civilization
10 Maiden in the Cage
11 Nights of Mirage in the Ghostly Eyes
12 The Last Judgement ~ 60th Anniversary of Fantasia
13 The End of Eastern Dream

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